TWR Adventurer Club editorial team provides an online shopping and product review guide covering minimalist backcountry camping gear, car camping gear and more. We research and test to find the best products and deals so you can explore the world cheaper, lighter, simpler and more.

TWR Adventurer Club editorial team work day and night testing products, identifying the best prices, and creating fun, thoughtful shopping guides. Our editorial team leverages its years of experience testing these products, and thousands of hours testing them in everyday contexts, so you can make smart purchasing decisions that meet your individual needs.

But our editors aren’t just experts — they’re also consumers themselves who know how important it is to be confident that a product will do the job it’s supposed to do, how well it will hold up over time and how much they should pay.

The TWR Adventurer Club editorial team works with editorial independence. That means anything we recommend has either been thoroughly tested firsthand and compared against similar options on the market or vetted and curated by our vast team of subject experts (often in tandem with other experts in the field we have spoken to).

When you make a purchase off of one of our links, we may earn a commission. We don’t work in partnership with the brands and retailers we feature, and they do not give input on our editorial. In fact, part of our mission is to let readers know when a product is not worth their hard-earned money, and to steer them toward products we know to be better choices to serve their needs.

There is nothing more critical to our success than providing unbiased, thoroughly researched service journalism that you can trust and making sure you are confident that everything we recommend actually is best in class.

We encourage you to email us to let us know what you think of our work or to make suggestions. We like to think of TWR Adventurer Club as belonging to our readers, so we want your opinions and would love to hear what you’d like us to tackle next.

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