Embark on the cheesiest adventure of your life!  


As you may know by now, Southeastern Ontario is filled with tons of delicious food spots. From farm stands, to beautiful views at restaurant patios – a trip down east of Highway 2 is sure to satisfy your taste buds. However, when it comes to the satisfaction of taste buds, there is only one thing for me that can truly get the job done – Pizza. With that being said, this week Griff & I set out on a chase of cheese to find you the tastiest pizza spots located along HWY 2. Keep reading to see how it went! 


Bourbon St. Pizza Co – Belleville


For our first stop of the day, we chose Belleville’s locally owned and operated Bourbon St. Pizza Co. and I can say with confidence; WOW!! Their specialty BBQ Chicken Fiesta pizza had both Griffin and I wishing we had ordered extra to bring home. I’m not sure what exactly it is that they do with their pizzas to make their taste stand out so much, but Bourbon St. Pizza Co. is certainly doing something right! I can honestly say that I’ve never tasted any pizza like it. This pizza was so good that after my first bite, I needed a moment of silence in order to fully appreciate what had just happened. With that being said; please, the next time you’re in Belleville, do yourself a favour and pay Bourbon St. Pizza Co. a visit! I can promise you will NOT regret this choice. 

La Pizzeria – Napanee


For the second stop on our journey of pizza, we decided to hit up the ‘Home of Avril Lavigne’s Favourite’ – La Pizzeria, in the downtown area of Napanee! I must say, out of all the other spots on this list, La Pizzeria most definitely felt the most welcoming. Not to say the other spots weren’t, but this family owned pizzeria for 40+ years allowed me to feel right at home with its extremely kind owners and relaxed local pizza shop vibes. Not to mention, the pizza is AMAZING! After paying a visit, I now understand why Napanee native Pop-star; Avril Lavigne named La Pizzeria as her favourite pizza of all time. Be sure to stop by 17 Dundas St. W the next time you’re in Napanee looking for great pizza!  

Paul’s Pizzeria – Napanee


Next up on our list of local pizzerias was Napanee’s one and only; Paul’s Pizzeria. This local-favourite spot truly proved to be a force to be reckoned with. Upon entrance, we were greeted with friendly hello’s and waves from everyone behind the counter, and Paul himself took our order with kindness, and for the pizza? Well, the pizza was truly delicious. Paul makes a unique type of pizza by placing the meat underneath the cheese rather than on top and somehow, that one small altercation changes everything. I can’t tell you what exactly it is, but there’s something about Paul’s Pizzeria that sets it apart from everywhere else. Paul truly makes a one-of-a-kind tasting pizza, which makes it a must-go when you’re on a journey of finding the best pizzas along with the two. Be sure to pay Paul a visit at 457 Advance Ave, Napanee the next time you’re in town!

Paul's Take Out Pizzeria

Mamma Mia’s – Napanee  


On the last stop of the day, we decided upon Mamma Mia’s Pizza located at 62 Dundas St. E in Napanee. Now that Griff & I were approaching our fourth pizza of the day, we were expecting to have some troubles in being able to stuff that much cheese & bread in one day. However, that all changed as soon as I laid eyes on Mamma Mia’s Specialty All Dressed Pizza. With everything cooked to perfection, it was hard to say no to this slice of pizza. I then took my first bite and well, what can I say… It was AMAZING! Crisp cheese, great bread, and even greater flavour! After taking down what felt like the 100th pizza slice of the day, Griff and I made it a point that we will most definitely be sure that we pay Mamma Mia’s a visit the next time we’re in Napanee, and you should too! 

Following our fourth pizza of the day, things were quite honestly beginning to get a little difficult for Griffin & I to move forward. Despite how much each unique spot had to offer, any more pizza just didn’t seem humanly possible. With that being said, we unfortunately called it a day after our lovely experience at Mamma Mia’s. However, there’s nothing to worry about! We plan to continue adding to this blog, making it a series of great pizzas around the Great Lakes! We can’t do this alone though! Send your favourite pizza spots to our team at hello@theweekendroute.com to have them featured in our next ‘Pizza Gods’ blog! Until then, happy adventuring to all!




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