Brand Elements

It is essential that a branded look and feel be used throughout all marketing initiatives. Brand consistency within a campaign can go a long way in establishing credibility in the message; with a better chance of successful results. To download a brand element, simply click on its respective image.

Primary Logo

The official logo which works best for digital media, headers, wide banners, and other horizontal spaces. The primary logo is the key visual and representation of the brand.

Download color SVG | JPG | PNG Download black SVG | JPG | PNG

Alternate Logo

A variation created to compliment the primary logo, it is simplified and slanted. Presentable and less complicated for use in social media, partnerships, collaborations.

Download color SVG | JPG | PNG Download black SVG | JPG | PNG

Brand Badge

An emblem or seal of the brand. Use in brand profile, sponsorships, partnerships.

Download color SVG | JPG | PNG Download black SVG | JPG | PNG

Logo Colours

A variation of color swatches are used throughout the brand, with a variety of light and dark options. Lighter backgrounds are recommended for all visual styling. Red and blue tones are the primary brand colors.



Header Font

Use only bold of this font and within the colour swatches of the brand. It is recommended to use sentence case letters.

Body Font

Use this font within the brand colour swatches. It is recommended to avoid uppercase for long body paragraphs.

Primary Hashtag

A hashtag (introduced by the symbol #) is a type of metadata tag used on social networks such as Twitter and other microblogging services, allowing users to apply dynamic, user-generated tagging which makes it possible for others to easily find messages with a specific theme or content. Below is the recommended hashtag for the The Weekend Route.


Social Media Templates

The social media templates below are created to help you promote TWR across your platforms. Check back for new campaigns, which will be added here. You are invited to schedule and post all that apply to your social media channels – and invite stakeholders to do the same.

Follow TWR campaigns

Check us out on The Weekend Route!

Follow us for off-the-beaten-track experiences, one-of-a-kind eats, unique characters, and hidden gems only locals know about - in and around (insert partner name)

Follow us @the.weekend.route

#theweekendroute #theweekendroute.east #theweekendroute.west #theweekendroute.north #theweekendroute.MI #theweekendroute.NY

Download campaign assets

beaten image

Visit TWR campaigns

Build your next (insert season, or pillar) adventure!

Find (insert categories) - in and around (partner name)

Visit www.theweekendroute.com

#theweekendroute #theweekendroute.east #theweekendroute. west #theweekendroute.north #theweekendroute.MI #theweekendroute.NY

Download campaign assets

eats image

Banner Ads

The banner ad templates below are created to help you promote TWR on your website. Check back for new campaigns, which will be added here. You are invited to serve all that apply on your website. Need help with ad serving? We can help

Follow TWR campaigns

Follow TWR campaigns

Direct: https://theweekendroute.com/social-media

Download campaign assets

Visit TWR campaigns

Direct: https://theweekendroute.com

Download campaign assets

eats image

Print Ads / Window + Bumper Stickers / Buttons

Below you will find examples of print ads, window + bumper stickers, and buttons created to help you promote TWR in your visitor guides, visitor centres and at stakeholder locations.

Print Ad

If you have an opportunity to insert an ad, please reach out to TWR with the ad specs and we will supply the artwork.

Download PDF 1 | PDF 2



We also have buttons available for visitors of your visitor centre.

Download JPG | PDF


Window + Bumper Stickers

We have assorted window stickers available for your stakeholders, and bumper stickers available for visitors of your visitor centres.

Download JPG | PDF

eats image

Download JPG | PDF

eats image

Rate Cards

Below you will find rate cards offering marketing services to you the DMO, your stakeholders, and brands.

The Weekend Route 2021 Rate Card

Unlock all the opportunities your annual membership affords.

  • Lower your cost to market via collaborative campaigns
  • Utilize the shared regional audiences via the Tourism Media Network
  • Track your campaigns back to economic impact

Download PDF


DMO White Label Agency for Stakeholders

If you would like to complement the marketing services you currently provide your stakeholders, with advanced digital marketing services, we will supply you a custom sales deck and act as a white label agency on your behalf.

Updated / Attached deck PDF


Tourism Media Network

Are you a brand interested in accessing data-driven in-market audiences across all in demand channels across the Great Lakes region? The Tourism Media Network is made for you.

Download PDF

Destination Marketing Organization

DMOs use TWR to take advantage of large collaborative marketing dollars across the region, and an advanced marketing tech stack to drive and measure traffic into their stakeholder locations, lessening their cost to market.

DMO Partner Membership

Download PDF


DMO Partner Membership Order Form

Download PDF



Our editorial team, and Adventurer Club Members, are very selective when adding stakeholders to TWR. Premium Listings allow stakeholders to take full advantage of the marketing power of the platform.

Stakeholder Basic Listing Introduction

Download PDF


Stakeholder Premium Listing Order Form

Download PDF


Looking for a new single location, or regional DMO site?

Why not have us utilize the best-of-breed technologies used on TWR to build you one?

DMO Site Development

View Destination Fort Frances

We’ll design the site UI / UX based on your needs and match the look & feel to your brand style guide. All sites include GTM tracking, Google Analytics, re-targeting audience development, email, security, hosting - and can be managed by your team or ours.


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