Over 25,000 monthly visitors and Adventurer Club Members use the platform to search for off-the-beaten track authentic stops, hidden gems, and one- of-a-kind eats only locals know about.

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The Weekend Route® is a Great Lakes visitor attraction marketing platform used by Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs), County, Municipal, City, and Town tourism marketing organizations to market and drive visitation to their regions

The platform allows travelers to search on and create itineraries based around off- the- beaten- track experiences, one- of- a- kind eats, and hidden gems only locals know about.

All visitation is tracked and reported on – including mobile device ID tracking of our audiences to your business.

How we promote you

In 2022 our Great Lakes marketing clients will spend over $1MM in paid media marketing their stakeholders on the platform.

  • Display and advertising
  • Social media advertising
  • Search advertising
  • Google WAZE advertising
  • Print advertising
  • Radio advertising

These tourism partners also promote your listing using owned media tourism website, social media newsletters, and visitor guides.

Featured Routes

Featured Routes are made up of curated stops along a route marketed to those looking for specific experiences.

Being listed on a Featured Route allows you to take advantage of the marketing done by the regional tourism marketing organizations who promote the routes

  • Your exposure increases exponentially
  • Referrals from The Weekend Route to your business are tracked
  • Audience mobile device IDs are also tracked for those who enter your location

Routes come in 3 formats – with new routes added monthly:

  • Alternate and more scenic routes to busy highways travelers use to avoid congestion, others through unique landscapes, full of unique stops through quaint towns and cities
    i.e. ON2 The Lake Route – Summer
  • Small day-tripping routes curated around 3 unique TWR categories focused on smaller regions
    i.e.Pizza, Patios, Paddling in BOQ
  • Larger day-tripping routes curated around 3 unique TWR categories across a larger region
    i.e. Lake Temiskaming Tour

Featured Route Benefits

  • Promote your unique and authentic business to those looking for places exactly like yours
  • Over 25,000 TWR monthly visitors and Adventure Club members are looking for you
  • Take advantage of regional collaborative tourism marketing dollars
  • Exclusive, or limited, category and sub-category stakeholders listed for each location.
  • Tracking of phone, email, website referrals, map calls to our business
  • Tracking of mobile device ID of our audiences as they enter your business
  • Advertise Daily Deals, and Events to lift your visibility
  • Renew after 6 months and secure first right of refusal for your category listing

Reporting available at the end of each month.

Multiple Listings

  • Based on businesses qualifying in multiple categories, some may qualify to be listed on multiple Featured Routes and can further take advantage of the marketing driving traffic to their locations
  • If you qualify, your additional Featured Route listings are half price

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