Put your seatbelts on, we are up for a beautiful drive across the border to visit our neighbours
and some of the most unique and off-the-beaten-track experiences. This scenic route along the
St. Lawrence river will take us through some of the most historic places in Ontario, from early
French settlers to the battle of the Revolutionary war fought in Ogdensburg, in 1812. The region
is also known for its freshwater fish wealth where professional fishers compete to keep the
fishing sport going. The scenic drive starts in Prescott, ON to Massena, NY and along the way
we will explore some gorgeous towns that have the most unique off-the-beaten-track
experiences, one-of-a-kind eats, and natural wonders.




We start our drive in Prescott, a welcoming riverside community. Located on the South shore of
the St. Lawrence river, Prescott is conveniently located near highway 401. Arts and culture are
some of the noteworthy attributes of the town. The small yet historic town of Prescott has a ton
of waterfront parks and trails to explore. These places speak out and show us a glimpse of the
early European Colonial era. Fort Wellington is one such historic site to stop by at. The
charismatic fort with the St. Lawrence river in the background is a site to hold during a dusky

Prescott, ON Photo by: @cmfroggatt on IG

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Our first stop on the route is in Johnstown, a historic and rural industrial community. Johnstown
was used as a stopover by the indigenous communities and later became known for Eastern
Ontario’s premier port, Johnstown Port, given its proximity to the St. Lawrence river and other
important cities in Eastern Ontario and New York. Sit along the river-front and watch huge ships
sail as you enjoy your sunset.

Johnstown, ON Photo by: @patwoodbury on IG

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As we drive away from Prescott on County Rd 2 through Johnston, we head south on Route 37,
NY. On the way, we cross the Canada-US border on the Ogdensburg-Prescott bridge. This
complex geometrical beauty will surely take your breath away, going over the St. Lawrence river.
Ogdensburg offers a great deal of recreational activities from swimming, fishing, hunting,
golfing, skiing. Ogdensburg has a 4-acre Greenbelt municipal area for boat launch, picnic areas
and other outdoorsy activities. And if you are a history enthusiast, this town is a must-see for
you. The last battle of the Revolutionary War between the Americans and British was fought here.


Ogdensburg, NY Photo by: @elkmejamie on IG


Lisbon Beach


Continuing on Route 37, our next stop is Lisbon Beach. Lisbon Beach is located on the St.
Lawrence River in Lisbon, New York. Calling out all campers here, Lisbon Beach &
Campground offers Full Hook-Up, Water & Electric, and Dry tent Camping, a Public Beach,
Swimming Lessons, a boat launch, a pavilion for parties and more. A perfect spot if you are
looking to camp and enjoy the waters.




As we head east on route 37, we stop at Waddington. Waddington is a picturesque community, nestled between the Thousand Island and Adirondack regions of Northern New York. And if you are someone who likes fishing, Waddington will get you hooked on its mesmerizing sandy beaches. Recognized as the ‘World Carp Capital,’ Waddington is world-renowned for its abundant carp fishing. It is also a preferred destination for anglers of bass, walleye, pike muskie and many more species.

Waddington, NY Photo by: @hayden.scott.fishing on IG



The final destination of our drive is yet another historic town of Massena. The town is named
after Andre Massena, a general and Marshal to the great Napoleon Bonaparte. Massena also
makes up for an amazing fishing experience where three rivers are teaming with a lot of
freshwater fish species. Don’t be surprised if you see a wave of professional fishers who come
here from all over l around the world to chase bass, walleye, carp, musky, northern pike, panfish and many more. Fun fact, the movie, “Me, Myself and Irene” from 2000, starring Jim
Carry was shot in Massena.

Massena, NY Photo by: @fiveindrive on IG

The Prescott, ON- Massena, NY(37) route is ideal for anyone looking to explore the unexplored,
experience indigenous and early European history while paying a visit to our close neighbours
and immersing themselves into our common historic roots. For several centuries the vast fresh
waters of the St Lawrence river have given people a home and reason to settle and prosper

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