Welcome back to episode 6 of The Weekend Route’s very own Adventurer Club Series! This week, fellow intern Harry and I explored the depths of the Thousand Islands and discovered TONS of hidden gems that are perfect for your friends, family, and more. Keep reading to learn more about these incredible spots!

To kick our journey off, we left the Cobourg offices around 9 a.m. and headed towards our campsite at Woodlands Campground, located along the Long Sault Parkway after hearing about some incredible secrets of the Parkway that we just needed to see for ourselves. However, being the teenagers that we are, it quickly came to our discovery that we were thoroughly unprepared for our 3-day excursion to the unknown areas of South Stormont County. Let’s be honest though, were we worried? Not a chance! How could we be worried when we have something like The Weekend Route Trip Planner, including featured routes filled with one-of-a-kind gems catered specifically for your liking! Be sure to check that out here!


After promptly planning our route out through TWR, we set our first spot on the GPS; 


Upper Canada VillageMorrisburg, ON


This infamous heritage park is truly a one-of-a-kind absolute GEM. Renowned as one of the largest living-history sites in Canada, this unique experience shows you just what it was like to live as a Canadian pioneer born in the 1860s. Filled with more than 40 Historical landmarks like homes, mills, & trade workshops, you are GUARANTEED to be busy for hours. Trust me, Harry and I only planned on staying for an hour & ended up being there for almost 5! Be sure to check out Upper Canada Village whenever you’re around Morrisburg!

Woodlands Campground – Long Sault Parkway, ON

When it came to deciding which campground to stay at, Harry and I quickly came to the conclusion of Woodlands Campground, located along the Long Sault Parkway. This beautiful campground is completely surrounded by water and FILLED with spots from left to right. Secret beaches, unreal swimming spots, and hours of exploration. Just look at this hidden private beach we found just behind our campsite! 

Next time you’re looking for a great spot to set up camp, be sure to add Woodlands Campground to your list of considerations! Stunning scenery, warm blue waters, what more could you ask for?

Lost Villages of the St. Lawrence Seaway 

During our time at Upper Canada Village, we learned about the incredible history that South Stormont County’s Long Sault Parkway encapsulates. According to locals approximately 60 years ago, ten communities were permanently submerged in a man-made flood during the creation of the St. Lawrence Seaway. Luckily for us, some of those communities happened to be directly below the waters surrounding our campground! 

Mike & Jenny’s Paddle Fit Mille Roches Island, Long Sault Parkway

Knowing now of the secrets that were resting beneath our campsite, it was practically impossible to not get out onto the water to see what we could find for ourselves. After a quick search on The Weekend Route, we discovered Mike & Jenny’s Paddle Fit, only a short walk away from our campsite. We ended up purchasing an hour’s worth of a stand-up paddleboard along with a tandem kayak for a more than fair price of $40. Both Mike & Jenny were incredibly friendly people and told us about the old highway 28 freeway that lies beneath the waters of the beach. 

Once we were out on the water, we paddled out in search of that same freeway and saw it for our own eyes. Unfortunately for you readers, our cameras just weren’t quite capable enough for capturing this hidden wonder of the St. Lawrence Seaway. Meaning, this spot should be essential for your itinerary when visiting the Long Sault Parkway. After all, there’s no better way to fully enjoy this experience than being there to experience it for yourself. 

Sol de Acapulco – Ingleside, ON 

Following all of that exploring around the Thousand Islands, we found ourselves craving some good food. Located on 1526 Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry County rd. 2, in Ingleside, This one-of-a-kind Authentic Mexican/German fusion restaurant was sounding PERFECT for our taste buds. With Ingleside being the town connected to the Long Sault Parkway, it took less than ten minutes for us to drive to this incredible restaurant from our campsite. I ended up getting the softshell beef tacos, while Harry went with the same, just with chicken instead of beef. We both quickly ended up agreeing on a 10/10 quality all around. Extremely friendly staff, AMAZING food, a lovely patio, and an all-around great atmosphere! This hidden gem is truly a must-visit when driving through Long Sault Parkway. I mean, who wouldn’t want to enjoy a great meal after a day at the beach? 

Butler’s Restaurant Ingleside, ON 

After our meal at Sol de Acapulco, we realized that Ingleside had quite a lot to offer when it came to good food. With this in mind, we made it a mission to find another top-tier, low-key restaurant fit for our readers here at TWR. So, for breakfast the next morning, we discovered Butler’s Restaurant, located at 23 Thorold Lane. This breakfast, lunch, & dinner family-run pub truly does it ALL!  Amazing food, great menu with tons of choices, great vibes, and all-around incredible service, Butler’s is most definitely a go-to spot on the list for the next time that I’m passing through Ingleside. I personally ordered the classic club sandwich, and I can confidently say – no other club sandwich has ever compared to what Butler’s put on my plate that day. For that, I say please, do yourself a favor, and give Butler’s a shot the next time that you’re heading east of Gananoque. 

Fort Wellington National Historic Site – Prescott, ON 

To conclude our trip to Long Sault Parkway, we decided to make a stop at Fort Wellington on our way back home to learn more about the crazy history of eastern Ontario. Fort Wellington was built in the war of 1812, made to defend the St. Lawrence River shipping route. Unfortunately for us, the fort was closed when we arrived so we were unable to get inside, but it was still such a cool experience being able to walk around a historical battlefield.  

After about an hour of walking around the outsides of Fort Wellington and reading about all of its histories, we finally gathered back into the car to head back home after a wonderful 3-day excursion to Long Sault Parkway. Tired and sore from constantly being on the move, Harry & I drove back home with high spirits knowing that the pain was only temporary, while the memories and experiences that were made in those 3 days, will be with us forever. 

I am personally a firm believer that if possible, everybody should take some time to explore what this wonderful world has to offer. Thanks to this internship here at The Weekend Route, I was able to do just that this summer – and I wouldn’t want to trade that for the world. The memories and incredible things that I have learned from working here will truly be with me for life. If possible, I would say please, BE SURE to take a step outside and spend some time with nature. You’ll never know just how much this beautiful world has to offer until you allow yourself to accept its offerings! 

To that – I say this, 

Happy Adventuring to all! And remember, feel free to send in suggestions if you want to see some of your favorite spots featured in one of our weekly blogs!

TWR Adventurer