Pelee Island

Pelee Island is the southernmost point in Canada, it’s so far south it’s on the same parallel as Northern California! Besides being able to boast about being the southernmost point, Pelee island is a wonderful ecological point where you can go birding, biking and even visit a winery or two! It is one of the most active day trips you can have in the Western Ontario Region!

Here’s how you can make the most of a day trip to Pelee Island!

Start the day off by packing a picnic lunch and hopping on the ferry that leaves from Leamington to Pelee Island. The ferry costs about 7.50 and leaves multiple times a day during peak season. You can even bring your car aboard if you don’t feel like renting bikes.

When you land on Pelee Island you can head on over to Comfortech Bike Rentals to rent your bikes!. Cycling is one of the best ways to see the island because it’s slower than driving and you will be able to experience the island more authentically, not to mention it’s environmentally friendly!

Wine has been a staple in the Pelee Island economy since the 1860’s when it was first introduced so you have to stop by Pelee Island Winery for a wine tour and free wine sample. You can pick up a bottle from the winery to take home as a nice souvenir! (Towards the top of the island you can also visit Vin Villa, Canada’s most historically significant winery, built in 1886!.)

Biking down the dirt roads on Pelee island towards Fish Point, you are sure to catch some of the native birds like herons, loons and pelicans. There’s a chance you can spot a bald eagle if you’re lucky. If you want to be sure to see some interesting birds, stop by the Pelee Island Bird Observatory. Here you can learn more about the birds that are native to the island.

On the western side of the island, there is a public beach where you can cool off in Lake Erie, this would also make a great place to break out that picnic lunch. As you head north up the island you can stop at The Treasure Emporium to get out of the heat and maybe pick up some Pelee island souvenirs, maybe a corkscrew for your new bottle of wine. At the very top of Pelee Island is Lighthouse Point Provincial Natural Reserve which is home to Pelee Island Lighthouse, a historic lighthouse that was built in 1834.

You can end a perfect day with an ice cream cone from The Filling Station

Pelee Island is full of things to do and see that make for an adventurous day trip, to say the least! Just don’t forget to return the bicycle at the end of the day.