How It Works

Send us your favourite off-the-beaten-track experience, a local one-of-a-kind eat, or a backcountry outdoor tip

TWR staff will review it and be in touch to invite you to become part of our Adventurer Program. We are interested in collaborating with all types: specialized - or simply those who love to explore.



Help us discover off-the-beaten-track experiences, locally produced one-of-a-kind-eats, outdoor adventures and tips for those Adventurers who want to explore The Weekend Route™.


Adventurers will be invited to participate in upcoming TWR episodes.


Be invited to participate in FAM tours organized for our network of tourism partners and stakeholders


Be invited to explore off-the-beaten-track adventures and be paid to write about them on TWR.


Increase your opportunities by showcasing yourself to TWR audiences, partners, stakeholders, and brands.


Grow your social channels by increasing the premium content you now feature.

    Become a TWR Adventurer

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