Pizza, Patios & Paddling in BOQ


Welcome back to episode 2 of TWR’s weekly Adventurer Club Series! This week, Griffin & I set out on a daring expedition with plans to journey the waters of our beautiful Bay of Quinte and conquer as many food stops as we could along the way. We even picked up a new intern along the way! (that’s right, we’re not the new guys anymore). Keep reading to find out how things went!

For this week’s excursion, we began our journey much similar to the last. By that, I mean we packed our bags with the bare necessities, loaded up the car, and headed east down HWY 2 with nothing else but a dollar and a dream. 


The dream? 


To bring our incredible readers here at The Weekend Route’s blog page to showcase the absolute best pizza spots, patio views, and paddling news of course! Why else? 

First stop; The Pier Patio Bar & Grill – Belleville 

Located in Belleville, placed right along the Bay of Quinte. All I can say is, you need to see this for yourself. Just look at that incredible view pictured right from the comfort of our own table! Great view, even greater food, and ten out of ten services. What more do you need? Be sure to visit The Pier Patio Bar & Grill to enjoy your meal with quite possibly, the best view in the whole Bay of Quinte!

Signal Brewery – Corbyville

Signal Brewery can be found just north of Belleville, in a small town named Corbyville. Because of this being the first time I had ever visited a brewery, I can confidently say – I had no idea they were this cool! Signal Brewery, in particular, was filled with amenities to keep you entertained. A stage for live performances, a wonderful patio, outdoor BBQ, and not to forget – some of the best craft beer in the whole Bay of Quinte can be found here! 

We highly recommend that anybody 19 years and older looking for a spot to sit, drink, and enjoy live entertainment with friends & family pay a visit to Signal Brewery for a one-of-a-kind brewery experience!

Pop-ups on the Bay

Following our time at signal, Griffin & I decided for some reason that it may be time to get out onto the water. Who knows – maybe Signal’s lovely riverside patio was the cause of these temptations? Either way, The Bay of Quinte was basically screaming our names at this point. 

Lucky for us, located on Belleville’s ‘Zwick Island’, is the Pop-ups on the Bay kayak rental centre!

After renting our kayaks for a fair deal of $20/h, Griff & I set sail upon the Bay of Quinte and discovered some pretty wild things out on the water. Be sure to check out our pizza, patios & paddling vlog that we made that day to see for yourself! 

The Waterfront River Pub & Terrace – Napanee

Now that our minds were back to being set on food, we figured there would have to be a great patio in Napanee. After all – if there are ELITE pizza places like La Pizzeria or Mamma Mia’s in Napanee, there’s bound to be an ELITE patio spot to go along with them. Logical, right? 

After arriving at The Waterfront and seeing the incredible patio they have to offer, Griff & I were shocked. Just look at this place! 

The Waterfront River Pub & Terrace is located right along the edge of the Napanee River, just a walk away from downtown Napanee. This one-of-a-kind restaurant offers an incredible patio accompanied by an outdoor bar and a beautiful garden seating area. There is a boat launch right beside their patio, so boaters are more than welcome! With that being said, The Waterfront River Pub & Terrace is a necessity to check out. Whether you’re driving (or sailing) through Napanee, you’re sure to be comfortably accommodated at The Waterfront’s lovely patio.

Bourbon St. Pizza Co – BellevilleBourbon St. Pizza Co. can be found downtown Belleville on 5a Market Street. This pizza spot is truly out-of-this-world. Great staff, lovely environment, and not to mention – the BEST pizza I’ve ever tasted in my life. Please, do yourself a favor and give Bourbon St. Pizza a visit the next time you’re in Belleville, you will not be disappointed. 


Final stop of the day – Tomasso’s Italian Grille

With the day nearing an end, restaurants were beginning to close up, but Griff & I were still determined as ever to find the best spots for our readers here at TWR. Legs heavy, and stomachs stuffed, we decided to power through one more lovely patio spot. Lucky for us, through a quick search using TWR’s route creator, we discovered the perfect spot for our last review. Tomasso’s here we come! 

Trenton’s Tomasso’s Italian Grille located at 35 Front St, is the perfect spot to bring your family & friends! Accompanied by a gorgeous outdoor patio overlooking the Trent river, and some AMAZING pizza, you’re sure to be quaintly accommodated by Tommasso’s one-of-a-kind atmosphere! Filled with exhaustion following our fourth lunch of the day, along with a sunburnt back (reminder; don’t forget about sunscreen while kayaking). Griff & I decided it was officially time to head back to the Cobourg offices. Worry not though, this does not put an end to the adventures! We’ll be right back with you next week to continue the series! So, remember to send us your favorite off-the-beaten-track experiences to have a chance on getting them featured in part 3 of our Adventure Club Series! 


Until then, 

Happy adventuring to all!


TWR Adventurer