About Us

The Weekend Route™ is a collaborative platform that brings together a diverse network of adventurers, tourism professionals, outdoor fanatics, storytellers, filmmakers and chefs across the Great Lakes Region.

Our mandate is to find off-the-beaten-track experiences, one-of-a-kind eats, and the hidden gems only locals know about in all the little-known towns and villages.

We believe there are hidden stories, fascinating history, and colourful characters in the places we find – and we want to share these with you.

You are invited to create your own route, share it with others, or experience our featured routes – either way, your trips will never be the same again.

Think of it as an anti-tourism platform.

The Weekend Route™ is a also used by tourism professionals to tell their regional stories in a non-traditional way.

We invite you both to contact us and share your experiences by joining our Adventurer Club – or reach out to us to see how TWR can help showcase your region.

Happy adventuring!